Year Founded
Nathan and Leah Huelsebusch, Matt Rogers and Brian Fisk

Craftroads Beverage only distributes Tin Man Brewing Co. in Northern Indiana.

Taxman Brewing Company is the culmination of a passion for beer, food, travel and friendship, alongside a desire to be actively involved in our local community.

The story begins in Belgium, a country the size of New Jersey that boasts several thousand different beers and hundreds of community-based breweries. It was in Belgium that three of the founders met and began extensively “researching” the wide variety of local beer options. In Belgium, they fell in love with the depth of flavor imparted by the unique strains of yeast used to ferment the beer.

They named the brewery Taxman because tax consulting work took them to Belgium and three of Taxman’s founders are in fact tax professionals. Our skull and bow tie logo is inspired by Benjamin Franklin’s quote, “…in this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except Death and Taxes.”

Taxman produces a wide variety of Belgian inspired beers, some of which are classic Belgian styles while others have a decidedly American slant.

La Maison
ABV: 7.2% / IBU: 25
Hop Collector
ABV: 6.5% / IBU: 65
Gold Standard
ABV: 6.2% / IBU: 20
ABV: 8.5% / IBU: 30
ABV: 8% / IBU: 20